Magic Leap: Animations

I know I was going to get into MLWordrays n stuff but lemme rant a bit. See, I ran into a little bit of a predicament of animation sorts and such. I was more a curious oddity but you know the drill, client deadlines need quick fixes. To explain the predicament we’re going to have to go through a crash course in Rigging n such. SO, follow follow:

If you’re using Maya or Blender the concepts are basically the same, just with a different interface.

Typically you have a mesh, put joints, connect the joints and it forms a bone.

Imagine how weird it’d be to see a bone floating in air

You modify the influence of the bone on the mesh by using “Paint Weights”. When you’re doing this PARENTING (in Blender) is very important cause if that's not right it won’t work. SKIN BINDING (in Maya) is the same thing.

The color gradient shows the declining influence the joint has in the surrounding area

Then we set the first key frames and move on to animating stuff, like what I’ve done below:

Hundreds of hours went into learning all about animation, only to do something almost trivial

See that up there? Super smooth, super nice. Like a trocar inflating a stomach. Does the bone structure make sense? Absolutely not. Do I know what I’m doing? Probably not.

The way it's set up there is that the one bone not moving has influence over the entire body EXCEPT what the other tripod bone thing has influence over.

Like so

And you know what I got from the ML1 Device?



As opposed to THIS:

So I guess from that little lesson is that ML1 interprets any bone influence as being 100% all of the time. Since we shan’t have infinite bones to get a smooth transition of sorts, 3 was fine in this case.

Well, it’s better than before

REPEAT: the ML1 device probably interprets joint & bone influences as being 100%, 100% of the time in an .fbx file.

End rant