Magic Leap: Testing your Build

Alright alright alright. Things work differently in 2019, if you’re having trouble launching and testing from Unity to either the Simulator or Device, here’s your antidote.

Test Using ML Remote

There’s deux ways to do this:

  1. Using the Package Manager

  2. Using the Unity Editor

Package Manager:

  • Open the Package Manager, click on Lumin SDK > Use ML Remote

clicky clicky

Using the Unity Editor:

  • Click on Magic Leap > ML Remote > Launch ML Remote

Clicky clicky

Which ever way you chose the next is super simple, point is ML Remote HAS to be on to do this.

Once ML Remote has started you can either Start Simulator or Device

If you’re using the Simulator be sure to load a Virtual Room.

Now we get into some other stuff. Go into your Edit > Project Settings, click on Player Settings and click on the little DOWN arrow for the PC, Mac & Standalone Settings.

Under the Other Settings, UNCHECK Auto Graphics API for Windows. This brings up a wee lil table to add graphics API’s. So we’re gonna add one.

Click on the little plus icon there and add the OpenGLCore, then drag it so it’s the first item in the list.

Next, we have to add some libraries: click on Magic Leap > ML Remote > Import supported libraries.

Now in the Unity Editor you enter play mode and test your build!